Military Members, DoD Civilians Are Eligible for Free TSA Precheck


Did you know that as a service member or DOD civilian you are automatically enrolled in the TSA Precheck program?

That’s right. You can avoid the lines at many airports just by flashing your CAC (Common Access Card). 

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is reminding all service members and DOD civilians that they are eligible to use the TSA Precheck program and skip some of the hassle when going through airport security.

Unfortunately, this program is not available for veterans, military retirees, or family members. However, you may be eligible for a free or discounted membership through other means, my flagship credit card at a large credit union gave me a free TSA Precheck membership.

“Service members are already enrolled in TSA Precheck, but many do not know they are,” TSA Administrator David Pekoske said recently. Pekoske, a retired Coast Guard vice admiral, wants all those eligible to use this free program.

Civilian employees must opt into the program using the milConnect website.

There is no cost for military members or civilians. For the general public to enroll in the program, the cost is $85 for five years.

How To Use TSA Precheck

When buying a plane ticket, service members should enter their DOD ID number – a 10-digit number that should be on the back of the Common Access Card – as the Known Traveler Number on the airline’s website.

Civilian employees must enter their DOD ID number as the Known Traveler Number.

Most service members and civilians are also unaware they can enter the information to utilize the TSA Precheck service for themselves while on personal travel.

One thing to consider before using it on personal travel is how to endure the inevitable grief you will get from your family members while you skip the hassle of removing your shoes, emptying your bags, and halfway undressing to get on a plane while they still must undergo the rigors of airport security.

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