Hostile Fire Pay and Imminent Danger Pay


A combat controller, deployed with a U.S. Army Special Forces team in Afghanistan, searches for targets to provide close air support during an engagement with insurgents. (U.S. Air Force photo)

Hostile Fire and Imminent Danger Pay are payable for duty performed in an area designated as hazardous. You can’t get Hostile Fire Pay (HFP) and Imminent Danger Pay (IDP) at the same time. Both are taxable, unless you are serving in a designated combat zone or support area.

The monthly rate is $225, and is payable when a member is subjected to hostile fire, explosion of hostile mines or other hostile action and is:

  • Performing duty in a hostile fire area;
  • Exposed to a hostile fire event;
  • On duty during a month in an area in which a hostile event occurred that place them in grave danger of physical injury;
  • Killed, injured, or wounded by hostile fire, explosion of a hostile fire event.

Hostile Fire and Imminent Danger pay are prorated for partial months – you are only paid for the time in a designated area.


Designated Hostile Fire or Imminent Danger Pay Areas
Area Begin Date
Afghanistan (Land & air space ) Nov. 1, 1998
Algeria (Land area) March 7, 1995
Azerbaijan (Land area) June 9, 1995
Burundi (Land area) Nov. 29, 1996
Cameroon (North and far north land area) June 7, 2017
Chad (Land area) Aug.11, 2008
Columbia (Land area) June 1, 1985
Congo, Democratic Republic of (Land area) Nov.  29, 1996
Cuba (JTF Guantanamo Bay) Dec. 26, 2006
Djibouti (Land area) July 31, 2002
Egypt (Land area) Jan. 29, 1997
Ethiopia (Land area) Sep. 13, 1999
Haiti Jan. 8, 2020
Indonesia (Central Sulawesi and Papua land areas) June 1, 2014
Iran (Land area) Nov. 4, 1979
Iraq (Land & air space) Sep. 17, 1990
Israel (Land area) Jan. 31, 2002
Jordan (Land area) Jan. 29, 1997
Kenya (Land area) July 31, 2002
Kosovo (Land & air space) June 22, 1992
Lebanon (Land area) Oct. 1, 1983
Libya (Land & air space) March 19, 2011
Malaysia (Sabah land area) June 1, 2014
Mali (Land area) June 7, 2017
Mediterranean Sea (Water area from the North African coast from 26°0″E to the East Coast of Tunisia, north to 34°35″N) March 19, 2011
Niger (Land area) June 7, 2017
Pakistan (Land area) Nov. 26, 1996
Philippines (Mindanao land area & Sulu Archipelago land area) Oct. 5, 2017
Saudi Arabia Sep. 14, 2019
Somalia (Land & air space) Sep. 28, 1992
Somalia Coastal Waters Dec. 26, 2006
South Sudan (Land & air space) July 9, 2011
Sudan (Land & air space) Oct. 4, 1993
Syria (Land & air space) July 31, 2003 and Sep. 21, 2014
Tunisia (Land & air space) March 19, 2011
Turkey (Land area excluding the Turkish Straits and including southern air space) March 1, 1998
Turkey (Land area east of 33″51′ E) Sep. 19, 2016
Uganda (Land area) January 19, 2000
Yemen (Land area) May 25, 1999

Note: Reserve members are also eligible for Hostile Fire and Imminent Danger Pay.

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