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Aviator Retention Bonus, also known as Aviation Continuation Pay (ACP), or Aviator Career Continuation Pay in the Navy, is for aviation officers who agree to remain on operational flying duty for at least one year after their initial term of service. Aviator Retention bonus may not be paid to anyone in the pay grade O-7 or above

To receive the ACP, you must submit an application. Annual amounts vary depending on each service’s needs and the length of time the pilot agrees to serve. For 2020, the maximum bonuses by service are:

  • Army (for certain warrant officer pilots only): up to $25,000 per year
  • Air Force: up to $35,000 per year
  • Navy: up to $34,000 per year
  • Marine Corps: up to $35,000 per year 
  • Coast Guard: up to $35,000 per year

Some UAV/RPA Pilots may also receive up to $35,000 per year

Contact your unit’s personnel office for details.

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